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Quality Control

Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical quality testing (Batch release testing, [FPRC])
Solid dosage forms - Tablets and capsules
      Immediate and modified release
      Subligual tablets
      Chew tablets
Liquid and semi-liquid dosage forms - Oral and topical preparations
Other dosage forms - Parenterals
  - Suppositories
  - Transdermal preparations
  - Vaginal preparations
Raw materials - Active ingredients
  - Excipients
SEDEK is equipped to do: - Identification tests: Chemical, TLC, IR, HPLC, GC, UV
  - Organoleptic tests
      Colour and odour
  - Physical tests
      Tablet hardness and friability
      Tablet mass and mass uniformity
      Capsule fill mass and uniformity
  - Moisture content
      Loss on drying
      Karl Fischer
  - Conductivity
  - Viscosity
  - Purity testing
      Related substances
      Breakdown products
  - Dissolution testing
  - Assay: HPLC, GC, AA, UV, Titrations (wet analysis)
      Active ingredient
REGULATORY: Assistance in updating MRF-1 Part 3C.
  - c) Laboratory (To include SEDEK as Third Party contract Testing Laboratory)

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